Why Women Love Pilates


Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates. This exercise technique is growing increasingly popular among women. Pilates places emphasis on developing balance through core strength, flexibility and awareness. Some women like the fact that unlike traditional exercises which causes the muscles to become bulky, Pilates gives a toned elongated look to the muscle. It is great for improving elasticity and joint mobility.  The abdominal muscles work very hard.  During a Pilates class you are constantly pushing your abs toward your spine which causes you to perform Kegel exercises.  Kegel exercises increase the strength of the pelvic floor in women. This develops the muscle group surrounding the vagina and increases squeezing power. This can lead to a better sex life. Kegel exercises can also help with bowel and bladder function.  Pilates develops muscles in the back and aids with back pain. Pilates support brain power. Many women going through menopause experience brain fogs.  Pilates also supports better focus and improved concentration.

I love this 15 minute Pilates video By Denise Austin. This is a great challenge at any level.

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