I Know I Need To Exercise But I Just Don’t Want To…

One of the main reasons most of us do not want to exercise is simply a lack of energy.  When our bodies don’t get the proper foods needed our energy levels suffer.  It is always great when we can find natural ways to fix things. Dr. Josh Axe is a doctor of natural medicine, clinical nutritionist and author with a passion to help people get well using food as medicine. I found this video by Dr. Axe to be very helpful. The 3 things I liked the most about the video were:

  1. You will receive information on how to maintain lasting energy levels instead of those short-lived burst of energy that leads to a crash.
  2. The high-energy foods in this video are easy to prepare or just grab for people on the go.
  3. Dr. Axe explains the benefits of each high-energy food in this short 5 minute video.

My name is Teresa and I am the founder of Bess Activewear. I'm always looking for helpful nuggets that can help educate women on ways to improve their health.